Unlock Huawei Bootloader using DC-Unlocker for free

Huawei has great Android smartphone at a decent price.Huawei smartphone are running on EMUI ROM on top of Android operating system.To stop the user from making some deep changes into the smartphone Huawei has locked down the bootloader of their smartphone.A bootloader is some predefined settings that run when you power on your smartphone.It will not allow you to make any changes into the operating system of your smartphone for example- rooting your smartphone or flashing custom ROM etc.So if you want to make some changes into your smartphone then you have to unlock the bootloader of your Huawei smartphone.

Step to unlock Bootloader of Huawei device

There is an official method to unlock the bootloader of Huawei smartphone.But if you are failed to unlock the bootloader with the help of this method then you need to unlock the bootloader using an alternative method.One of the best methods to unlock the bootloader of Huawei smartphone is using DC-Unlocker.But you have to pay in order to unlock the bootloader of your Huawei device.Here we are going to show you how you can unlock the bootloader of your Huawei smartphone using DC-Unlocker for free.Unlocking bootloader may damage your smartphone and wipe all data.So do it at your own risk we are not responsible for any damage.


  1. Huawei USB Driver
  2. DC-Unlocker
  3. Minimal ADB and Fastboot Setup

Step to unlock Bootloader of Huawei device

  1. Install the Huawei USB driver into your computer.
  2. Install the DC-Unlocker software into your computer.
  3. Enter your smartphone into manufacture mode by dialing *#*#2846579#*#* and then go to Project Menu>>Background Settings>>USB Ports Settings>>Manufacture Mode.
  4. Connect your smartphone to your computer using a data cable.
  5. Open the DC-Unlocker tool into your computer.
  6. Select “Huawei Phones” and “Auto Detect Model” from the drop down in DC-Unlocker.
  7. Click on magnifying glass icon to search the model number of your smartphone.
  8. Click on “Buy Credit” and set up DC-Unlocker account.
  9. Now go to This Link on Facebook and click on Get free credits to get free credit for you account.
  10. Now click on Server section and enter your account detail again.
  11. Click on Unlocking button and select Read bootloader code.
  12. Copy the unlock code provided by DC-Unlocker.

  13. Enable Developer options on your smartphone by going to Settings>>About and tap on Build number 7 times.
  14. Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock by going to Setytings>>Developer options.
  15. Install the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Setup and open the folder where you install it.
  16. Press Shft+Right click and select the Open command window here.
  17. Enter “adb reboot bootloader” to boot your smartphone into bootloader mode.
  18. Enter “fastboot oem unlock Unlock-Code-Here” to unlock the bootloader of your smartphone.Change “Unlock-Code-Here” with unlock code that you get from DC-Unlocker.
That’s it! The bootloader of your Huawei device is unlocked and it is ready to tweak.
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