How to backup DRM keys of Sony devices (TA Backup)

By | July 26, 2017

Here we are going to show you how to save DRM keys of your Sony smartphone.This guide will help you in taking a TA backup of your Sony smartphone.You need to save DRM keys of your Sony smartphone before unlocking the bootloader of your smartphone.Because unlocking bootloader of Sony device will remove DRM keys.So make sure that before unlocking the bootloader of your Sony device you will take a TA backup of your Sony device.So that in case if you want to lock the bootloader again you can restore this TA backup.

Sony Android devices come with DRM keys in TA partition of the device.Sony devices have many features like X-Reality engine and some camera features etc.But all these features work on DRM keys and unlocking bootloader of your smartphone will remove DRM keys.So removing DRM keys while unlocking bootloader from your smartphone makes these features unusable.But if you have a backup of TA partition then you can easily restore it back and get all Sony features again.

Backup DRM keys of SONY devices

This guide about taking TA backup use Dirtycow based TA backup tool to take a TA backup of your smartphone.But make sure to take the backup before unlocking the bootloader.You just need to connect your smartphone and open this TA backup tool.So follow the below guide to backup DRM keys of your Sony smartphone.

Note – DRM keys are deleted once the bootloader of your smartphone is unlocked.So make sure to take a TA backup before unlocking the bootloader.



Guide to take TA backup of Sony devices

  1. Install the USB Drivers for your smartphone on your computer.
  2. Enable Developer options by going to Settings>>About and tap on build number 7 times.
  3. Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings>>Developer options and tick USB Debugging.
  4. Connect your smartphone to your computer using a data cable.
  5. Unzip the file.
  6. Open the folder where you unzip the file.
  7. Double click on backupTA.cmd to open TA backup command prompt.
  8. Choose the Backup option from the command prompt to take a TA backup of your smartphone.

That’s it this will backup DRM keys of your smartphone with file name TA-modelNumber-Seriel-Timestamp.img.Make sure that this file is around 2 MB.

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