How to Root Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

By | July 20, 2016

Samsung launches Galaxy J3 (2016) in January 2016.It comes with Quad-core chipset and 1.5 GB of ram which is enough for a low-end Samsung model.It has 8 MP camera at back and 5 MP camera at the front both have a f/2.2 aperture.Galaxy J3 2016 is running on Android Lollipop with TouchWiz.The best thing about this smartphone is that it has 5.0 inches 720p Super AMOLED display.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

Rooting this low-end Android smartphone gives you some more out of it.You can put custom ROM, uninstall pre-installed apps and overclock your J3 2016 after getting root access on it.So follow the below guide to root your Galaxy J3 (2016).

WARNING – Rooting your smartphone will void its warranty.We are not responsible if your device gets damaged during the rooting procedure.Make sure your device has at least 50-60 percent battery backup.


  1. Samsung USB Driver
  2. Odin3
  3. TWRP Recovery.tar

Guide to root Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

  1. Install USB driver and unzip the Odin3 zip file.
  2. Connect your smartphone to your computer.
  3. Enable Developer options by going to Settings>>About and tap on Build number 7 times.
  4. Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings>>Developer options and tick USB Debugging.
  5. Move file into your smartphone.
  6. Power off your smartphone and boot into download mode by pressing and holding Volume down, Home and Power button together.
  7. Open Odin3 on your computer.It will show “Added” message if your device is connected.
  8. Click on AP button in Odin and select TWRP Recovery.tar file.
  9. Make sure that only “Auto Reboot” and “F.Reset Time” is selected in the Options menu.
  10. Click on Start button to flash TWRP recovery.
  11. Boot your smartphone into recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume up, Home and Power button when the device is switched off.
  12. In TWRP tap on Install and select
  13. Swipe to confirm flashing process and reboot your smartphone.
Your Galaxy J3 2016 is now rooted and you have the deep privilege over your smartphone.

19 thoughts on “How to Root Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

  1. Unknown

    im getting a fail and my phone says "Custom Binary (RECOVERY) blocked By FAP lock"

  2. ahmeow

    how long it take time to Downloading … donot turn off target!!

    1. Ninmus

      1) Your USB connector must be broken, or not designed to transmit any data. It is possible to get to flash mode without a USB PC connection.
      DISCLAIMER: Double check you have a working USB port, controller, cable and CPU that supports micro-USB types.

  3. Leonniar

    You are missing some VERY important details . in order to understand the procces i needed a second tautorial ! F.E on Step 12 “In TWRP tap on Install and select” were is TWRP ? and you can’t tap on it since you are in recovery mode ! Step 7. “Open Odin3 on your computer.It will show “Added” message if your device is connected.’ Added appears at the “log” tab and Under the ID:COM appears a text with blue color . This could be critical if someone tries to figure out what to do by themselves !!!

    1. Ninmus

      1) Step 12: Yes, you can tap on it, since TWRP has their special thing going on. Install it from TWRP in the recovery.
      2) Step 7: If you check on the top side, it shows added in the first slot.
      DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend YOU (especially) rooting your android device, due to assumptions you seem like a normal android users, rather than a developer or exploiter that knows what they are doing and talking about.

  4. scout613

    i got further by going to the recovery menu then rebooting to bootloader instead of step 6

    1. Arshdeep Singh Post author

      On 12 just go to Install menu of TWRP Recovery and then select SuperSU file from internal storage of your smartphone.

  5. Saiful

    hi dear i cant root my phone i follow you suggestion step by step need your help

  6. Matthew

    How long on average does it take to download? Someone asked before but you didn’t tell them it has been about 20 minutes.

    1. Ninmus

      This should take 10-20 seconds to install on the phone. 30 seconds to download under a working broadband connection.

  7. Adam

    I cant boot into TWRP, all i get to is the Recovery mode (I have successfully done all the previous steps without errors of any kind) The only thing similaire to what i think i’m supposed to do here is it ‘update from external source -> chose’ but all that happens then is i get a few errors and the phone reboots into the bootloader and everything is like it was before (nothing’s been rooted or anything.)


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