How to Root Xperia Z3 on Marshmallow 6.0.1

By | July 26, 2016

Sony Xperia Z3 is launched in 2014 as a flagship Android smartphone.It comes with Snapdragon 801 CPU with 3 GB ram and Adreno 330 GPU which is the best chipset at the time of launch.Xperia Z3 has 5.2 inches 1080p display with X-Reality Engine for best viewing experience.Like the other Xperia Z series smartphone, this device comes with IP68 certified for dust and water resistant.Sony recently updates Xperia Z3 to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow which is the latest version of Android.

How to Root Xperia Z3 on Marshmallow 6.0.1

You can root your Xperia Z3 running on Marshmallow with the help of given tutorial.Rooting your smartphone allows you to flash custom ROM and kernel on your smartphone.There are many apps that need root access to do certain tasks on your smartphone.So if you want to root your Xperia Z3 then follow the below step by step guide.

WARNING – Rooting your smartphone will void its warranty.We are not responsible if your device gets damaged during the rooting procedure.Make sure your device has at least 50-60 percent battery backup.


  1. Minimal ADB and Fastboot Setup
  2. mm-beta_permissive_no-RIC.img
  3. recovery.img

Step to Root Xperia Z3 on Marshmallow

  1. Unlock the bootloader of your Xperia Z3.
  2. Install the USB driver and Minimal ADB and Fastboot Setup on your computer.
  3. Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings>>Developer options>>USB Debugging.
  4. Connect your smartphone to your computer.
  5. Move the file to your smartphone.
  6. Move the mm-beta_permissive_no-RIC.img and recovery.img files to the folder where you setup the ADB and Fastboot driver.
  7. Open the folder where you install the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Setup.
  8. Press Shift and Right-click on blank space in the folder and select Open command window here.
  9. Enter “adb reboot bootloader” to boot up your smartphone into bootloader mode.
  10. When your smartphone boot up into bootloader mode enter “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” to flash recovery.
  11. Enter “fastboot flash boot mm-beta_permissive_no-RIC.img” to flash custom kernel.
  12. Enter “fastboot reboot recovery” to boot your smartphone into recovery mode.
  13. In TWRP tap on Install button and select the file.
  14. Swipe to confirm the flashing process.
  15. Reboot your Xperia Z3.
Install the Root Checker app from Play Store to confirm the root.

19 thoughts on “How to Root Xperia Z3 on Marshmallow 6.0.1

  1. Unknown

    when i´m in the 11 step says "error: device ¨(null)¨ not found) HELPME PLEASE :'(

    1. Shivanshu Patre

      Try removing the USB Cable and manually rebooting to Recovery Mode by pressing the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time when powering up.

  2. David

    Thanks for that simple instructions. It worked for me except for step 12 gave me a error message. But I managed to get in to recovery by unplugging USB cable and then pressing Power + Volume down at the same time to get in to recovery.

  3. Unknown

    Brilliant. Words aren't good enough. Let me explain better. I am enginner and i have pretty good technical skils. I spend almost 3 days do root and so on. I have started on XDA. Nothing good for me. Only crap.
    And here in maximum 30 min I solved it. I have no word. Thank you.
    PS: I had to a problem on step 12. But I unplug USB cable and press Power + Volume Down to enter recovery. Thank you too David for yours very important observation.

    1. Superman

      @unknown – Thank you, this was helpful (NUMBER 12 issue)
      @Admin( Arshdeep Singh ) – Thank you so much

      Cheers God Bless

  4. Cyb3rw0lf

    Better explained for us Marshmallow users who can't see any solutions in XDA forums for the 6.0

    For people having problems with installing Z3 drivers, just disable secure boot so you can install any driver (Applies to Windows 10)

  5. Kurissu

    A lot of thanks. I searched a long time to find a easily way like this.
    Thumbs up

  6. andaleeb

    thank you so very much ive been wasting time on xda to gain nothing and finally ended up here. did everything and had my phone rooted in not more than 10mins excluding download time. thank you man you rock.

  7. Javier Sánchez

    It was amazing. I’ve been spending more than 1 week trying to root my Xperia Z3 D646 with Android Marsmallow, I’ve read a lot of XDA blogs, tutorials, with flashtool in Windows, in Linux and nothing, I wasn’t able neither to flash TWRP nor becoming root. With this tutorial in less than 30 minutes I had my deviced rooted in Ubuntu Thanks a lot.

  8. Storm

    Recommended tutorials here for Z3 user!

  9. Shivanshu Patre

    Thanks for providing such a nice and clear guide on how to root my Xperia Z3. All steps worked till Step 11. At step 12, there was shown “error: device not found”. Then I tried to boot into Recovery Mode manually by Pressing Power and Volume Down button at the same time. It booted to recovery mode. Then followed the guide from Step 13. Now I have a rooted phone thanks to your guide and now I can Install my custom ROM. Thumbs up for this guide.

  10. Shaibu

    it failed at step 12. giving error “Device not found”. Even after unplugging the phone and pressing power and volume down it does not boot to recovery. Boots normally. Any suggestion please?

  11. R.Schafflhuber

    thank you for your ” How to root Sony Z3 om Marshmallow 6.0.1″
    In all other Description is to pull the volume up to get in the recovery mode in yours not.
    Is this correct?

    1. Arshdeep Singh Post author

      It is this tutorial, I am using “fastboot boot recovery” command to boot into recovery.But you can also use Volume up and Power button to boot into recovery.


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