How to Root BlueStacks 4 (Nougat)

in this guide, we are going to show you how to root BlueStacks 4.There are many apps that require root access to do certain tasks.Once you root BlueStacks 4 on Nougat you can grant root access to these apps and take advantage of root in your Android emulator BlueStacks 4.You will be able to run root apps on Bluestacks 4 in a computer.

BlueStacks 4 is an Android Nougat Emulator for the computer.It let you run Android games and apps on your personal computer.You can play your favorite games on the screen of your computer without the need of a smartphone using BlueStacks 4.So you can enjoy Android apps on the large screen of your computer using BlueStacks 4.

Root BlueStacks 4

This guide uses BluStacks Tweaker tool to grant root access on BlueStacks 4.You need to run BlueStacks Tweaker on your computer and then install SuperSu app from Play Store in order to root BlueStacks 4.So follow the below guide to root BlueStacks 4.

Note – SuperSu app might not work on some computers.Make sure that you run BlueStack Tweaker as admin.We are not responsible if your device gets damaged during the procedure.


  1. BlueStacks Tweaker 4

Tutorial to root BlueStacks 4

  1. Run BlueStacks 4 Android emulator.
  2. Unzip the BlueStacks Tweaker folder into your computer.
  3. Open the BlueStacks Tweaker application that is given in folder.
  4. Close the BlueStacks 4 Android emulator.
  5. Click on Force Kill BS in the application.
  6. Go to Helpers menu and click on Unlock button given in front of Root for BlueStacks.
  7. Tweaker will show unlock true message once the process finishes.
  8. Go back to the main menu of BlueStacks Tweaker.
  9. Click on Start BS to run BlueStacks 4.
  10. Once the BlueStacks 4 starts go back to helper menu and click on Patch button given next to Root for BlueStacks.
  11. Open the unzipped Tweaker folder and open utils folder.
  12. Drag the SuperSu app into BlueStacks and install it.
  13. Open SuperSu app and update SU binary using normal method.
  14. Skip the smartphone reboot option in SpuerSu.
  15. Go to Play Store and update the SuperSu app.
  16. Again open the SuperSu and update SU binary.
  17. Install root checker to make sure your BlueStacks 4 is rooted.

That’s it your BluStacks 4 is rooted after following this guide.

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